AC ambulance is equipped with air condition system, that doesn’t belong to a non-AC ambulance, to keep the inner condition of the vehicle cool. This is suitable to maintain an appropriate temperature for any patients being treated. It is also needed for a country where the temperature is very high.

AC and Non ac ambulance is a basic ambulance that has a bed, a stethoscope, an oxygen cylinder, a blood pressure measuring machine, and a first aid box containing syringe, antiseptic medicine, sterile gauze and saline. There should be a doctor, if not possible, at least a paramedic.


Different types of ambulances are available in Dhaka City. You can hire freezer van in a moment. You can also rent AC or non AC ambulances to get to the hospital at proper time. You may face convenience of hiring air ambulance as well. We provide services in all corners of Dhaka and you can rely on us for quick response. We are always ready to get in touch in emergency and provide care from Dhaka to all over Bangladesh.

However, you may have a look of locations for emergency ambulance service where we are ready to provide.


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